A Special End-of-Year Celebration with the Afghan Women's National Cricket Team in Exile


On a significant occasion marking the end of the year, Ambassador Wahidullah Waissi played host to an extraordinary gathering at the Embassy, welcoming members of the Afghan women's national cricket team who are currently living in exile. This remarkable event served not only as a testament to the resilience and spirit of these athletes who are recently evacuated from Afghanistan under Taliban's rule but also as a platform to celebrate their achievements and discuss future prospects. The presence of these players underscored the ongoing challenges they face, yet also highlighted their unyielding determination to continue their passion for cricket.

The gathering was enriched by the attendance of representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government representatives, alongside community activists and friends. This diverse assembly of guests underscored the broad spectrum of support for the Afghan women's cricket team, illustrating a collective commitment to sports and gender equality. The involvement of governmental and community figures not only lent the event an air of official recognition but also signaled a unified stance against the barriers faced by women in sports, particularly those in exile due to political or social upheavals.

As the event unfolded, the atmosphere was imbued with a sense of camaraderie and hope, with holiday greetings and best wishes for the New Year 2024 being exchanged. This gesture of goodwill, extended by Ambassador Waissi and the embassy staff, resonated deeply with everyone present, symbolizing a shared aspiration for peace, prosperity, and the continued success of the Afghan women's national cricket team. While girls and women are not allowed to enjoy their freedom under unlawful presence of Taliban in Afghanistan, the occasion was a poignant reminder of the power of sport to unite people across different backgrounds and the importance of supporting athletes who strive to pursue their dreams against all odds.

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